About Us

Worship Leaders
Pastor Caleb and Shelby Sullivan

Growing up in church and being involved in ministry their whole lives, Caleb and Shelby know how it is to be “church kids”. Their friendship was the result of their two different youth groups joining together once a month to worship God. In middle-school, Jesus radically opened their eyes to Himself and they began to have real relationships with God, growing in spiritual gifts, and discovering the secret place of communion with God through prayer and worship.

At different times they each interned with an intercessory prayer ministry in Tallahassee. Caleb also interned on different worship tours around the world.  Each summer they have joined with different ministries to go on “short-term missions” to Mexico, Fiji, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Mozambique (with a whole bunch more to come!)

Caleb and Shelby married in 2012 and now have two beautiful children, their son Justice and their daughter Jubilee. Caleb and Shelby are the Heads of the Performing Arts Ministry and Worship Leaders.