Oldsmar Prophecy


Prophecy to Oldsmar -  October 23, 1977


For the Lord would say unto thee set not they limitations upon this city, nor the surrounding cities, no upon this state; for the Lord has called this work, even this church, to go around the world to preach My Word. Yea, thou shall lift up thine eyes, and thou shall not be just planning nor concerned about this immediate area nor the immediate future; but thou shall see thyself even going to different lands and sending out of this Body, people that will minister life unto those that are in darkness.

The Lord would say as thou doest limit the Lord, He shall be limited. But as thou dost unlimit the Holy One of Israel, than thou shall be unlimited in whatsoever thou should do. For the Lord would cause thee, even this night, to identify with the Word of the Lord, and thou shall say, “yes” with thy mouth and thou shall say, “Lord, be it unto me even according as they word has said.” For as thou dost flow in the Word, and as thou doest flow in worship, then thy horizons shall arise. Yea, and those places where Satan has had captives shall be loosened because this Body of believers shall take the Lord at His Word and say, “thus saith the Lord.”

And those places that are afar off, that have not been evangelized, that have not seen the Word, yea, thou shall send forth, and say, “There is a need, there is the Macedonia call. Let us send brethren from our place and let us sponsor them to minister life and the Word of God.” And Lord would say, it shall reach, yea, it shall reach, even until the setting of the sun. Thou shall go, and go, and go.

And there shall be a growth, yea, there shall be a growth, yea, thou has in thy mind that the Lord shall limit thee to a certain amount of numbers, but be not dismayed because no matter how big thou buildest, it will not be large enough.

There shall be a flowing and an anointing, yea, the presence of the Lord shall flow in the classes, the presence of the Lord shall flow in the singing, the presence of the Lord shall flow upon the grounds, the presence of the Lord shall move, in and out, because it will be rivers because thou has learned to channel thyself, even in a river with the Lord. Thou has not channeled thyself to do thine own thing, thou shall not channel thyself to go here or there, but thou shall flow together, yea, as one river, and as thy rivers do flow together, this river shall reach, even unto the uttermost parts of the earth, because of the anointing. Yea, and limit not thyself, limit not thyself, for yea, even the Lord would have thee go to the mass media and minister life, even to those that are bound in their own bedrooms, bound in their own closets, even bound behind prison doors. Thou shall take the message of the Lord, thou shall move life and yea, as thou open up to Him many doors. But thou shall say in thy heart, “But Lord, we have not the means.” Be not worried of the means because I will even bring people in this place that have the means; I will bring people in this place that have the talents; I will bring people in this place that thou has never seen before.

Yea, because thy horizon has been lifted up.