Rev. Burgee 4/22/15


The Word Of The Lord on 4-22-15 Wednesday Service at the Rock Church of Tampa Bay          

spoken through Rev. Brian Burgee


I’m sitting over here church and God’s speaking to me something in my spirit and he said there’s been a cry like it was in day of Egypt from the land, there has been a cry for God to deliver us, to deliver us and God said, and I’ve heard the cry and my response is not the way it was in the old. I’m not going to send, the Lord says, just to deliver but I’m opening the ears of my church, says the Lord. I’m starting to open the ears of those that would dare to go beyond the norm and the cry is being heard in a remnant, there’s a cry being heard that within the church, of those that are crying out “Deliver Us Lord, Deliver Us Lord” and God says I’ve given you all the authority, I’ve given you all the strength and all the power and God says and the church has turned a deaf ear even into the cry but yet I’m raising up a remnant. I hear the Lord saying and I see a remnant of churches, not one, not two but there’s many, there’s many across this nation that’s crying out God! God! give us a plan, give us the vision, give us a heart and God says I’m gathering together, there’s going to be an intake of even leaders that are going to gather together within the future says the Lord and I’m going to pour out a plan for them to take back this great nation again. This nation will one day balance thee again to me says the Lord, your White House and your Congress and Court Houses and your schools will pray again says God. I have not given up, I have not given up, for I’ve have heard a cry, now I’m going open the ears of my church that they too may hear the cry of the broken, says the Lord.